Cotswold Collection
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The Cotswold Collection

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The Cotswold Collection includes 1 of each product from our Cotswold Vapour range with a 20% discount.

Citrus Punch: Oranges blended with other citrus fruits & berries.
Golden Flapjack
: Hearty oats, rich golden syrup & brown sugar.
Strawberry Delight
: Whipped strawberry dessert.
The Custard Doughnut
: Authentic custard doughnut.
Tropical Storm
: Smooth & aromatic blend of tropical fruits.

Please note: Shortfill products do not contain nicotine. See the Product Description for more information.

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Product Description

Shortfill Information:

50ml of nicotine-free e-liquid, presented in a 60ml bottle.

Our Shortfill products are high-flavour strength, zero nicotine e-liquid products with a VG/PG ratio of 69/31.

To reduce the flavour strength down to our standard level (recommended), add 10ml of a 75VG/25PG solution and shake thoroughly. This process will result in 60ml of 70VG/30PG liquid.

For 0mg: You can find our 0mg Top-Up Solution here (75VG/25PG).
For 3mg: You can find our 18mg Nicotine Base here (75VG/25PG).