Golden Flapjack

An epic fusion of hearty oats, rich golden syrup & brown sugar; the original flapjack e-liquid.

Not as sweet as you might expect, this rich flapjack-inspired juice is a firm favourite amongst bakery lovers looking for something new.


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Presented in 10ml plastic (PET) childproof bottles with tamper-evident seals.

The composition of this product varies depending upon which nicotine concentration is selected:

Ideal Usage
0mg (0.0%) Nicotine 70vg/30pg* Sub-ohm vaping.
3mg (0.3%) Nicotine 70vg/30pg* Sub-ohm vaping.
6mg (0.6%) Nicotine 60vg/40pg* Sub-ohm & mouth-to-lung vaping.
12mg (1.2%) Nicotine 50vg/50pg* Mouth-to-lung vaping.
18mg (1.8%) Nicotine 50vg/50pg* Mouth-to-lung vaping.

We only use high quality USP/EP pharmaceutical grade nicotine in our TPD Compliant products, which we spare no expense sourcing allowing for a pleasurable vaping experience without the familiar ‘peppery’ or ‘harsh’ effect found when using the cheaper nicotine found in most similar products on the market.

*VG: Vegetable Glycerin, PG: Propylene Glycol


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