Strawberry Delight – CBD Edition

A classic Cotswold Vapour e-liquid, now with CBD & CBG!

Strawberry Delight is an indulgent whipped strawberry dessert flavoured e-liquid – consistently the best selling product in our ‘Originals’ range.

We’ve teamed up with the awesome guys over at Reserved CBD in Yorkshire to present you with a selection of some Cotswold Vapour favourites, pre-infused with some of the highest quality CBD on the market.


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What is CBD:CBG? 

CBD = Cannabidiol

CBG = Cannabigerol

These compounds are naturally occurring non-psychoactive extracts from the Cannabis genus of plants. Unlike THC (which is also found in cannabis plants), CBD and CBG do not produce any intoxicating effects, and as such are perfectly legal, despite their suspicious sounding names.

Unlike our 50ml Shortfill products, these CBD infused liquids are presented in a full-bottle 60ml format, meaning there is no room to add nicotine. In our experience, it is better practice to keep nicotine and CBD e-liquids separate, allowing you to moderate the use of each one separately (although this is simply a matter of personal preference).

This product is sold in 60ml format with a VG:PG ratio of 70vg/30pg. The strengths currently available are:

  • 300mg CBD, 30mg CBG (5.0mg/ml CBD, 0.5mg/ml CBG)
  • 500mg CBD, 50mg CBG (8.3mg/ml CBD, 0.8mg/ml CBG)

Not intended to dignose, cure or treat any medical condition, illness or disease.

This product does not contain THC, and is not psychoactive.

This product is not a food additive or a cannabis-based product for medicinal use.

We recommend that you consult with a doctor regarding the use of CBD, CBG or other cannabinoids, especially for those with pre-existing medical conditions. CBG and CBD may increase the efficacy of other medications.


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