Mouth To Lung


Mouth To Lung shortfills are formulated at 50vg/50pg and are available in strengths up to 12mg, all in a handy 30ml bottle.


Our MTL NicPacks give you control over your nicotine strength & type, including 3, 6, 9 & 12mg standard nic, or 5 & 10mg salts. 


The Mouth To Lung flavours have been specifically developed for MTL vaping, by the teams at Cotswold Vapour & BEAUM Vape.

Shortfills & Nicshots

Since the introduction of 2016’s TRPR/TPD e-liquid regulations, e-liquids in bottles larger than 10ml have been almost entirely reserved for sub-ohm vapers, who tend to vape high-VG, low-nicotine (usually 3mg) liquids. This is because the nicotine must be sold in a separate 10ml bottle (or ‘nic-shot’) and added to a larger bottle of flavoured e-liquid (or a ‘shortfill’). The resulting high-vg liquid is too viscous for the majority of mouth-to-lung and pod style devices to handle, and at a maximum nicotine strength of ~3mg (0.3%) is unsuitable for the requirements of most MTL users.

Mouth To Lung Shortfills

Mouth To Lung Ltd. is proud to present a new format of e-liquid based on the shortfill concept, but designed from the ground-up for mouth-to-lung style vaping. These super-concentrated 30ml shortfills are used in conjunction with Mouth To Lung NicPacks to create amazing-tasting e-liquids 50vg/50pg in a wide variety of nicotine strengths (up to 12mg) with Nic Salt options also available.

MTL Through & Through

When trying mouth-to-lung style e-liquids, the flavours often feel like they were designed as a high-VG shortfill, with 50/50 options added later as an afterthought. Becuase of this, it is not uncommon for the flavours to translate poorly when produced in 50/50, with flavours presenting as weak or interacting with the higher nicotine content creating an odd or harsh flavour.

Mouth To Lung shortfills have been painstakingly developed from the ground up by MTL enthusiasts and are optimised for lower-wattage vaping and compatibility in mouth-to-lung tanks and pod systems; this attention to detail becomes apparent when tasting this incredible range of liquids.