Minus Seven – Ultra Frozen Apple & Grape

The Minus Seven range features delicious fruit flavours with a seriously cold kick. These liquids are produced using coolant flavourings rather than menthol, which allows them to have an awesome cold finish without any mint flavour.

Ultra Frozen Apple & Grape is a delicious blend of juicy apple and American grape soda, finished with a chilling icy kick.



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Effortless Vape Co. shortfill products are 69vg/31pg and sold as 50ml in a 60ml bottle. Once topped up with either Top-Up Solution or Nicotine Base (more information below) the resulting ratio is 70vg/30pg.

Shortfill e-liquid products do not contain nicotine as sold, although it is common to add 18mg Nicotine Base in order to boost the nicotine content to 3mg (0.3%) – all of our shortfill products are sold with enough empty space in the bottle to do so:

Shortfill Volume
50ml 1 x 0mg Top-Up Solution 60ml of 0mg (0.0%) Nicotine
50ml 1 x 18mg Nicotine Base 60ml of 3mg (0.3%) Nicotine

*VG: Vegetable Glycerin, PG: Propylene Glycol


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